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"At the appointed time, we shall rise from our secret places and thrown down the towns and cities of the Empire. Chaos will cover this land, and we, the Chosen Servants, shall be exalted in HIS eyes. Hail to Tzeentch, ...

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How to prepare

Just an open mind and the ability to have fun.

What I provide

Everything will be ready and prepared on Roll20 at first, although I may consider moving to FoundryVTT later. I just haven't tried it. Both are free for players.

What else should you know

It is a grim and gritty world. There will be depictions of poverty and unfair violence. I'll never go into issues of rape, or direct (seen) abuse to children, but if there's anything you don't want to be in the game, let me know beforehand.

Gameplay Details

The system uses a D100 roll under mechanic. This particular campaign is extremely Roleplay heavy with long periods without violence. I like to leave downtime elements as well for my players to interact and build relationships among each other so the game will be played in character often.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will create characters in the session 0. A lot of elements of your character will be decided randomly, so it's best to be able to roll with it.

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