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The sun sets behind the fractured silhouette of a city skyline, and the shadows lengthen down its many alley ways. An a electric light post flickers to life, and then another, and another. Cars honk, club goers begin the...

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How to prepare

We'll want to have the characters generated before hand, but as a group we can decided if we're going to run on Fantasty Grounds or Roll20.

What I provide

Vampire the Masquerade is one of my favorite settings to run so I look forward to sharing it!

What else should you know

We're all here together to have fun! If at any point your experience is not what you expected, let me know and I'm happy to work with an individual, or the whole group, to make sure everyone is having a blast. Additionally there can be some very dark, adult, themes with this game so please be aware of that. If that is something that may bother you let me know ahead of time so I can tailor the campaign accordingly.

Gameplay Details

This game is about choices, decisions, and how they ripple out into the world. Do you give in to the beast within your undead flesh, and lose another part of your humanity along the way? Do you resist temptations and the gnawing hunger in your gut, never truly sated? All the while you must also navigate this twilight world of monsters, some far older than they seem, and far less human. Politics, secrets, and an ancient war that wages quietly in the shadows await.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation for Vampire is pretty involved if you're not familiar with the system. If you're new to Vampire the Masquerade please let me know and I'll be happy to schedule an in depth consultation on your character.

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