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This is an excellent starting point for new or inexperienced players. We're going to stick with core classes and races to help keep complexity down so people can get a better feel for it. The Campaign will follows the C...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Being familiar with the rules and standard races and classes in D&D will help, especially knowing what type of character they wish to play.

What I provide

There will be maps and tokens provided digitally on the Roll20 platform.

What else should you know

Don't be afraid to be uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time. This is a space to grow and have fun. We're telling the story together.

Gameplay Details

We'll try to keep the pace lively. Don't want to be so stuck in planning nothing gets done.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 1 and they will be created prior the first session. Time taken creating them will NOT take from the play time. I will be opening the session early so that we can make sure we have things set up right.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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