Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Tomb of Annihilation, Beginner friendly

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This will be a beginner friendly Tomb of annihilation run. We will start of with a semi-custom module for the first 2 levels, then continue that with ToA. We'll be running it slow and easy so anyone can follow. About th...

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How to prepare

The only thing i ask before the first session is to think about what character you'd like to play and come up with some ideas. If wanted, I'd happily run a session 0, A brainstorm session or even help create a character from scratch. I have almost everything unlocked on DnDbeyond and will happily create a character sheet for your character if you can't buy it yourself.

What I provide

I will bring the campaign, the ability to use my dndbeyond to create your character, and 2 times during the campaign i will commision a drawing of our group. pre campaign and post campaign.

What else should you know

I am very open for any type of character, and will happily provide special events/character progressions for your character if desired.

Gameplay Details

This game involves travels, exploring, some dungeon crawling, puzzle solving and combat. It will challenge every aspect of a player. The end dungeon will be ran a bit harder to provide a challenge for even experienced players and as a test for the skills you've learned.

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