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The Alliance of Vinton is a loose conglomeration of city-states and racial territories that work together to increase trade and help protect from external forces. In the forest to the west are the elves and gnomes. In...

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How to prepare

We will be playing on Roll20, please be signed up with Roll20 beforehand and have a mic and camera. Create your character on Roll20 or be ready to email me a copy of your character sheet.

What I provide

I will have the game ready to go on Roll20.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

Combat will be prevalent, but there will be a mystery to solve. Players will have to make choices on what to do throughout the adventure and actions will affect what happens down the line.

How Will Character Creation Work

Please have a 6th level character created before you show up for the game. You can use the array or point buy for abilities. Only use approved DnD 5e content. At the beginning of the session,2 uncommon magic items will be given to your characters. To speed things up, have some ideas on what you would like your character to have.

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