Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Strange Tower

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Arkenforge, Discord

History The town of Virane was setup by the tower as it attracted many adventurers to the place. Eventually the adventurers slowed down in coming to the tower and the town shrank in size. Those that stayed now farm or wo...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Make character ahead of time if you can. Use 4d6 and take away the lowest for stats (i.e. Rolled a 3 6 2 4 so remove 2 and add 3 6 4=13) nothing lower than 10 for a roll. Only need discord for communication.

What I provide

Dice, microphone, arkenforge

What else should you know

Virtual room held in the Ohio Gaming Alliance Discord

Gameplay Details

This is a good place for those wanting to learn to play. It has light RP elements with the bigger focus on old school dungeon crawling. This is also setup so that people can come and go in case they can't always make it. The Mechanics Each floor is randomly generated due to the strange magic of the tower. There are no exits either as the group has to find special crystals that are within the tower itself. If a player dies and is left behind they are permanently dead. If the group holds onto the body and uses a crystal the dead player is now knocked out with 1hp.

How Will Character Creation Work

If not familiar with the game you can show up beforehand to have character helped being created. If familiar go ahead and create your character.

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