Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Lost Mines of Phandelver

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The game welcomes all players but is directed more towards newer, less experienced players. It is set in the region known as Sword Coast near the iconic city of Neverwinter. The game will be focused mainly on combat and ...

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How to prepare

While having a basic knowledge of the rules is certainly helpful, it is not required. No downloads are required, but you will need an account on both Roll20 and Discord. I personally recommend installing Discord.

What I provide

Premade characters Virtual maps and miniatures Many accents A sense of humor In depth knowledge of the rules

What else should you know

I have run several games with new players, many new to Tabletop in general. I will be happy to walk you through all stages of the game from character creation, combat and leveling up, to what happens should a character die. This will likely take more than one session and I intend to be available for questions and the like as often as I am able.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

You will be given the option of selecting from pregenerated characters or making your own level 1 characters. I will be available to help make characters if needed.

Players can expect







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