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The House of Lament: A Haunting 'Domains of Dread' 4-Shot

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The House of Lament: A Haunting 'Domains of Dread' 4-Shot

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Theater of the Mind, Physical Battlemap

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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Open to all
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    **Wanted: 4-6 brave souls to assist in an investigation of the infamous House of Lament... Gennifer & Laurie Weathermay-Foxgrove, monster hunters extraordinaire, are hiring a stalwart team to aid in the séance and exorcism of this "catastrophically haunted" structure. Serious inquiries only. Required duties: Search the long-abandoned rooms of the once-stately Halvhrest Manor and the ajoining tower of the ages-old Castle Laventz for clues regarding the grim fate of those many souls lost to this accursed place. By night, assist Madams Weathermay-Foxgrove in communing with the restless spirits that plague the grounds. Applicants will be expected to assess and confront any dangers to the expedition, which are assumed to be plentiful. What you'll need: Weapons befitting your preference and skill (applicants with combat experience are preferred), suitable armor, stout willpower and a hearty constitution. Magical/arcane abilities are a plus, but not required. Lanterns, torches or darkvision strongly encouraged. Spare trousers. What we provide: Insight into the history and legend of the House, expertise as mediums and professional cryptid specialists, payment of 20 gold pieces per day for each applicant selected. Any objects, treasures or trinkets of interest found within the house are yours to keep. Disclaimer: The Weathermay-Foxgroves are not liable for any of the following that may occur during this endeavor - injury, death, madness, possession, lost or stolen items/souls, ectoplasmic exposure, or assimilation into any ghastly hoard that may or may not exist. Interested parties should contact Madams Weathermay-Foxgrove posthaste, providing references and relevant experience. Individuals seeking continued employment may be selected to aid in further investigations and explorations, pending success in this undertaking...**

    Professional Game Master

    Sky the Bard


    1 Review

    4 years as a TTRPG player

    4 years as a Game Master

    0 games hosted

    Brings DM's Guide, Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, Guide to Ravenloft, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Descent into Avernus, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, The Monsters Know What They're Doing, Monsters of the Multiverse, Journeys through the Radiant Citadel (coming soon), Monster of the Week, MotW Tome of Mysteries, Call of Cthulu, physical battlemaps, etc... to the table

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    Please familiarize yourself with your character abilities/spells/etc. before the first play session of the campaign! (I can help with this for newer players.) Additionally, please make sure you are signed up with discord, connected with the group, and have a working mic and camera to play with as online games run more smoothly when everyone can see and hear each other clearly. Last but not least, bring dice or on online dice roller as well as a printout or pdf of your character sheet that you can easily reference while we play!

    What I provide

    I will bring my personal brand of Bardic inspiration to the story and NPC's, along with battle maps, character tokens, and a wealth of official D&D sourcebooks to broaden the options for character creation, combat encounters, puzzles, traps and more!

    Gameplay details

    The content tags included reflect elements of the story as written, but will be subject to your responses to the safety tools used in-game. While this is a horror/dark fantasy campaign, we will not be using excessive gore or overly upsetting or uncomfortable content (we're all just trying to have fun, after all). We will use Lines and Veils, X cards, and a short break at the halfway point of each session to maintain comfort, engagement and enjoyment for everyone at the table. Players can expect fast-paced combat, unnerving and frightening scenarios, and the possibility of character deaths balanced with humor, wonder, exploration and levity.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used
    • Breaks
    • Lines and Veils
    • X, N, and O Cards
    How will character creation work

    Characters will begin at level one and advance to level three as the campaign continues. Character creation will occur prior to the first session using the standard array and any official WotC published materials. Players will be able to join a group discord in order to share ideas about classes, race options and team dynamics and optimization, as well as discuss the tone of the game and safety tools. I will help to guide players through character creation as needed as well as assist with level ups throughout the campaign. I will also provide a link to some pre-generated characters that you many choose from - a great option for new players or in the event of character death. (If you are joining our campaign on the day of a session I ask that you select one of these premade characters for our first session, and will work with you on creating your own afterwards.)

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: Medium
    • Roleplay: Medium
    • Puzzles: Low
    • Experience Level: Open to all

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