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How to prepare

Have a Roll20 and Discord account set up and ready to go. Have a level 1 character set up and ready to go.

What I provide

Everything else.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

Each AL adventure you play with me is designed/written to be wrapped up in a specific amount of time (usually 4 hours). Without exception, there will always be at least 1 combat, though there could be several more. I use Roll20 VTT for maps and tokens and often implement Beyond20 as well. That being said, the intent of the VTT is to streamline play and allow it to feel more immersive, not to take over the experience completely. Look elsewhere if you're after a macro-heavy, API-filled experience. If you are brand-new to D&D, I'd love to have you at my table! Please reach out to me ahead of time so we can ensure you are ready to go when the session starts.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters should be created before the game starts. You can read the full character creation guidelines for AL here: For more information on creating characters for Adventurer's League, feel free to reach out to me.

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