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This campaign is excellent for beginners! I run the base game, but I will be adding my own flavor to it. Leaving plenty of room for player stories and side quests along the way. Who knows what else you could discover! ...

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How to prepare

Have a basic idea of how some of the main core mechanics of the game work. This is beginner level so you dont have to have it memorized. Download and install discord and sign up for Roll 20. Once you're accepted into the game I will invite you to discord and roll 20 in which you can start working on your character.

What I provide

Every sourcebook available for you to build your class. Atmospheric music Real time weather effects Quality maps and tokens

What else should you know

Be open minded! Be yourself!

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will be done in a session 0. - standard array - Characters begin at level 3. - No UA - Include a short background about your character. Where is he/she is from? Born? Has a family? What made you become an adventurer? Etc. Doesn't have to be lengthy, about a paragraph to one page, I'm not looking nor a novel either lol.

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