Dungeons & Dragons 2e | The Doom of Daggerdale

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Come join us and play the adventure you have only dreamed of! Our studio setup and camera rigs give you an unparalleled view of the 6x4 map we created. Each camera is on its own 4 foot track and we even have first person...

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How to prepare

We will send you a link to the game on roll20 where you will create the character. You do not need to purchase anything we will provide all the needed resources for you on roll20. All characters will be created BEFORE the first session. We start each session an hr early to make sure everyone is on time and has a working mic and camera. You can reach out to us here or on our FB page if you have any questions.

What I provide

Everything is virtual

What else should you know

If you need us please reach out to us here. Also we do not offer refunds within 48hrs of your session. So please if you are going to cancel do it BEFORE then.

Gameplay Details

This is a unique and new experience for the internet as well as virtual D&D so there is no "expected" events. We offer a sandbox as you can see by our maps which means you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Don't feel like following the main quest right now and just want to explore the woods or mountains? No problem? Want to go murder hobo and slay every NPC in town? You can do that too and the module will continue! This is your world with no limits!!!

How Will Character Creation Work

Each character will start at lvl 1 with one member starting at level 2. Dwarves and Druids are recommended but not a necessity.

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