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"Ask not for whom the bell tolls..." A strange underground structure has been uncovered by a local mining company near the village of Firetree. Uncovered by workers that followed a faint chime, no one has been able to ...

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How to prepare

--Create your characters and send me a message to let me know what you're playing. I will respond with the invite link to the roll20 game. --Make sure you have a discord account, as it's how we will communicate! You will receive a discord link in the prep materials sent out for the session. --Make sure you have a roll20 account (remember, it's free!), and make sure you know how to roll in roll20. --Be familiar with your character's skills

What I provide

I will have a map made on roll20 of the different chambers of the ruins, and will attempt to create tokens for the players if I am contacted enough in advance; otherwise all tokens will be generic.

What else should you know

Be kind to each other.

Gameplay Details

The session will start with the party gathered at the entrance of the ruins, already having assembled under a banner of similar intent. Individual motivation aside, all of the characters will have agreed to enter the ruins together and will know with relative certainty that the others are there to help. The adventure begins immediately after the chime rings, giving the party the full 6 hours. Gameplay will primarily be describing your character's actions as they delve deep into the ruins, navigating traps, puzzles, and unknown danger as they try to stop the chime and discover it's purpose. Every action should not need to be rushed, but the time limit should be remembered and taken as a more present threat than hitting 0 hit points. --Players will be controlling characters that are either townsfolk with some above average abilities or greenhorn adventurers, so it's important to remember that these people will have limits. It's possible to take a short rest, but not a long rest. --Characters will be given a single goodberry from the old druid in town. It restores 1 hit point when eaten and fills the character for a day. It can be administered to other characters as an action. --Skill checks will take a small amount of time. This is to indicate the character dedicating some focus to the effort. --Combat takes the usual amount of time.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters should be created prior to the session. Characters should be level two, and can be of any race or class from any official source (Unearthed Arcana is acceptable). You can send me a message prior to your scheduled session to discuss what character you want to play, or to ask for minor assistance in creating the character.

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