Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Chefs Dilemma an Introduction One Shot on How to Play DnD 5e

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Once a year the elders council is held in Mor Quinn hosted by the family Matriarch all those of high influence, political backgrounds and notorious reputations are invited to the Great Mor Quinn Feast. It is said that t...

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How to prepare

It is recommended that you at least review the basic rules which can be found in the Starter Set or free online and D and D Beyond. It is also recommended that you have a stable connection, decent microphone and a safe place to play.

What I provide

I can provide a post game recording if requested, I can also provide withing 3 to 7 days a group portrait to all players.

What else should you know

I am an extremely experienced and adaptive DM/GM you can find my podcast Dungeon Master Academy on Anchor or Spotify. I provide a safe environment, and a place where all can feel welcome.

Gameplay Details

This One Shot will include Puzzle solving, Roleplay and Combat encounters.

How Will Character Creation Work

Level 5 Characters with no limits to Lineage and Class. Ready made characters are Optional, or plan on sometime at the beginning for character creation. I will have an D&D beyond link available to committed seats.

Players can expect







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