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The Guild of the Bizarre is a massive guild, the largest in existence in your world. So large that the presence of the guild hall itself has created so much traffic from Guild-Members and Non-Guild members alike, that a ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players should have an adequate knowledge of their concepts for their classes and sub classes, as well as general appearance and features. If discussed, players will need to download Tabletop Simulator and perform the tutorial therein. Otherwise, Google Chrome is the best web-browser for Foundry.

What I provide

I will bring maps and the like for the virtual settings.

What else should you know

I'm transitioning to female, and I'm completely comfortable with it and my voice. Slurs and the like have a zero tolerance policy of any kind, trans-based or otherwise. Political/Religious talk about events outside of the game is forbidden

Gameplay Details

Game-play varies heavily based off the context of the party. If the party decides to adventure into lost ruins in search of exotic magics hidden away in the rolling sands of the desert, more mystery and combat would be expected. With less emphasis towards role-playing. I'm very flexible when it comes to DM'ing with players, and whatever direction the players choose to delve into, is where the game-play is taken. A lot of this due to the virtual aspect will have to be done via Field of the Mind, meaning that unless Tabletop Simulator's 3D mapping is used, only 2D elements can be used and will lean heavily on the spoken explanations I provide players. Agreeing to play in this campaign is an agreement that you and your character's actions and decisions may or may not be used in a written media created by me for the purposes of novelization.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters begin at the trusty level one, character creation will happen during session one, with everyone in the call. I'll ask how we want to do stats, answer questions about the world and we'll develop backstories. Later after session one, which won't fall into the actual story line, I'll work with each player specifically about their characters and what not. It's encouraged that players have ties to the world, and even the other player characters.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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