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A sea salt and brine adventure for characters starting level 1 and working their way up to at least level 10. This campaign takes place on mysterious uncharted islands far southwest of the Sword Coast in Faerun. Difficu...

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How to prepare

Please be somewhat familiar with how D&D 5e works, but if you don't know a lot, it isn't much of a problem. If you have a D&D Beyond character, or even if you don't, we will work together to create a quick character in Roll20.

What I provide

Everything else is supplied by my account with Roll20.

What else should you know

Come with an open mind and a happy heart!

Gameplay Details

Typical game sessions involve at least one combat, but likely two in the span of 4 hours. Planning is kept to a minimal to facilitate more gameplay. Outside of combat, there is a heavy emphasis on exploration and discovery, with ample opportunity to role play with with many pre-generated NPCs and also characters inspired by you own backstories...

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 1. D&D Beyond has a great character generator, so I recommend using it. You may absolutely create character(s) beforehand, but be prepared to make changes during the first session.

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