Tales Of Agrosia: Vorashian Knighthood

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A brief history of Agrosia. Agrosia is the Northeastern Continent of Guardia. It is a land that houses most of the world's Elven and Dwarven populations. Agrosia is a war-torn continent that is divided into two regions West and East Agrosia. The two regions came to be known this way due to War. The Westerners call it the “War of Vorashian Oppression.” The Vorashians called it the War for Freedom. Still it is more currently known as "The Old War". About 1000 years ago, Vorashian bloodlines began to fall in love with the magic that the elves brought to the Vorashian kingdoms. They loved it so much that paid large sums of royal treasure to acquire magical or enchanted items and secrets of magical lore. They used millennia old spell books to train their knights and soldiers to use magic. Vorashian Soldiers had the best magical gear in the lands. This began to alarm many of the eastern countries that were housed on the southern coastal border. But cause for concern came a bit too late. Once the Vorashian Empire had outfitted and trained their troops, they began to travel in military brigades in the very forest that originally held their magical advantage. Once the Vorashian military made landfall, most of the northeast coast was seized. This Blitzkrieg was a great starting point for the Vorashian Family claims. The campaign in the Great Eastern Forest held the Vorashian empire for nearly 250 years. The Woodelves made sure that every arrow was aimed true and even after being sieged several times, they did not give up a foot of land for nearly the first 100 year, a feat to be remembered by all Half-Elves. It was not until the Vorashian Empire employed gnoll, goblin, and orcish clans that the elves began to see losses. This numbers advantage would give the Vorashians the power they needed to push through the forest and continue further south and west. The southern front waged for 5 years, 245 years less than the East Woodland Conflict. The inhabitants of the south fled west. All the little ones, Wood Elves and anyone who did not identify as Vorashian in heart would flee by boat or mountain through the Dwarven passes of the Drah Mountains. Many wanted to stay, but if they did not flee, they would face extinction. The last bastion of hope for the eastern regions of Agrosia was the Dwarven Clans who dwelled in the Drah Mountains. The dwarves welcomed refugees to their Kingdom and even befriended several powerful clans of Wood Elves. This would lead to a partnership that would hold the war at a stalemate and hold the Vorashians at the mountains. The Dwarven clans of Hammerthorn and the Elven clans of Nailo` came together with a combination of Dwarven Forging and Elven Magics to create magical gate seals and keys to open each. The two clans worked to create six swords that would be used as six magical keys to open the seals and thus allow passage through each of the mountain gates. These Swords were last known to be carried in both directions by the six bravest of the Nailo` clan. Each blade was fashioned to reflect a humanistic emotional response. They were crafted specifically for their master and would only function when it chose its new master. The swords were said to house a great deal of magical power, but they are considered long since lost and their original master’s with them. Over time, new settlements would begin to rise on the western side of the mountains. Some dwarves, halflings, and gnomes from the east would form a nation state known as “Pequinia`” or “land of the little ones,” others would, out of stubbornness, stay in the mountains, watching for any signs of gates opening. Still, some dwarves and gnomes would move to the far west, invading and warring with the Tieflings and Dragonborn of Elasia. After some time and negotiations, the Elasion Nation would form with Dragonborn, Tieflings, Gnomes and Dwarves living in peace with one another. In this bond the Cultures intertwined their individual cultures and technological advances, creating steam technologies and more recently, gunpowder. One thousand years have passed and the Eastern Provinces of the Vorashian Empire are living well in their acquired Territories. The Vorashian way is one of an Imperial Driven Monarchy like culture and the lands have been divided into provinces that are ran by High Lords and Ladies of the Vorashian familial Courts. The Current Pince, the boy King, Macuis D Vorash is a crude and strict leader. Rumor has it his father signed a deal with fiends to keep him and Vorash safe for the duration of his reign... Rumor has it that the bright light in the sky the other evening was a harkening and the The Boy King Vorash's prophets have begun talk of the legendary gates reopening. At last, all of Agrosia is going to be prime for the looting... You belong to a Vorashian Noble Knight's court of soldiers that have been tasked with clearing out the Orcish villages of the southwest mountain passes at the Ohl Drah Mountains.Rumor has it they have a Troll... But, your years of training have prepared you for the troubles you'll run into, right? It is wise to uphold your sire's agreement with the Vorashian Royal high guard and begin your trip from the small camp outposts and quickly move west to the loathsome hovels to rid the lands of these beasts. The royal Armies will not want to see the "help" in this area when they arrive!

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How to prepare

Please reach out to me via I will get you the zoom link and we can work out the invites from there. Please have a basic understanding of the D&D 5E Rule Set; we will teach what we need to.

What I provide

I am bringing all of the needed gaming materials with access to all of the proper modules we will need to run the game. I will also pack along my wit and charm!

Gameplay details

This game will be held on roll20. We will use digital miniatures and map scenarios.

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How will character creation work

Each Player will arrive to the Session and select a Character to play. They can make the proper level three modifications for each player as they see fit. By this, I mean the player will receive a 3rd level character with no 3rd level options selected; this will be up to them.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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Tales Of Agrosia: Vorashian Knighthood

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  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
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