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You and your party wake up as strangers, and we weave the tale of you discovering who you are to each other, and what heroic abilities you all have! It's a fun way for beginners and veterans of D&D to explore the world-b...

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How to prepare

Decide on your PC's pronouns, brainstorm a personality you might want to play, but you don't HAVE to plan your character's personality, you might discover the personality of your character as you learn more about them!

What I provide

Character sheets, a reference website page with maps and images as needed.

What else should you know

We will be embracing the rule of cool, don't get hung up on the specifics of your magic abilities, or the mechanics you might know of D&D

Gameplay Details

Since you are filling in your character sheet as you go, we will be spending a lot of time playing rules-lite. This game will involve a lot of roleplaying a character who is trying to understand their surrouundings. A lot of investigating and deduction to uncover details about your life and about your abilities in order to escape a dangerous situation. If combat occurs, I will be utilizing a homebrew mechanic called "Combat Moments" which will allow you to describe your actions without worrying about combat mechanics.

How Will Character Creation Work

Give me your characters pronouns and I will supply the rest!

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