Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Session 0 and Adventuring Tutorial

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I think the most important thing in table top games is to have fun with those playing with you. While the story and the rules are important, its all about letting players have fun, do cool stuff, and then deal with the c...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Have access to the players handbook in some capacity, and a way to create characters. Since this is a distance game, discord and Roll 20 accounts will also be necessary.

What I provide

I will be providing the DM Roll20 account and the discord channel. If the players find is necessary I can use my dice to roll for them, but honestly that takes all the fun out of it for them.

What else should you know

This session is Intro to DnD 5e. The tutorial is meant to get you familiarized with all the basic mechanics, but more importantly (in my opinion) get you invested in the characters and experience you and your party will be making together. Think about someone you look up to, they can be real or fictional. Captain America, Keanu Reeves, maybe one of your parents. What about that person makes you look up to them? Think about what you want your character to be, what you want them to represent. Table top RPGs let us influence a fantastical world the way we can't in our real lives, but your character is an extension of yourself, what part of yourself do you want portray? All of this goes into your character, it's both yours and you.

Gameplay Details

The first few hours will be dedicated to character creation and setting the expectation for futures games. Afterwards with our characters we will start on on the adventure that will become the prologue to your adventures, detailing the story about how your party got together and why they stuck together.

How Will Character Creation Work

As stated before this is where we will learn to create characters. We will start our adventure at level 2 and I will walk you through how it all works. This is a tutorial.

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