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The Shaddick family of thieves in the city of Pyrithea have a problem. An agent of theirs was investigating a lead on a strange artifact found by a prestigious wyvern rider when he was discovered and imprisoned beneath ...

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How to prepare

Have a good imagination and not expect hordes of monsters. This is a stealth mission. Not guts and glory and treasure. Knowledge is power and knowledge is what you are seeking.

What I provide

I will bring character stats, a vast world, and plot twists..

What else should you know

Dont have expectations. I'm still new at this and am trying really hard.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

I will have pregenerated characters to choose from. The characters will be level 5. Once I approve an application and get in touch with the player I will discuss the character options I have left. Its first come first served for the characters.

Players can expect







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