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- multiple pathways to success - descriptions of over seventy rooms and other areas to explore - NPCs to assist (or hinder) the party's progress - detailed maps of common areas - original artworks - an extended adve...

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How to prepare

Roll20 account Discord access - will send link once seat is booked! :) We'll have a session 0 to talk about characters about a week before the game!

What I provide

I will provide the one-shot materials for you, all files - PDF and maps, once the game is done so you can play at home!

What else should you know

We are SFW, we do not promote violence, racism, sexism, or hate in any fashion and it will not be tolerated.

Gameplay Details

Breaking and Entering! Sneaking around! A Heist! There are many floors and many rooms to explore. Plenty of fight opportunity and lots of fun!

How Will Character Creation Work

Level 10 Created in D&D Beyond Campaign created by JenIsOnline - will send link once seat is filled so you have access to content!

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