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Players start in Yorn, a once glorious Elven city that was founded upon a gold mine. Now it is the only location for the refugees flocking to its safety. The beginning of the adventure will lead players through a myst...

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How to prepare

If you plan on rolling dice at your table that is fine, just have a set ready. If you dont have a set I can roll or you can use an online version. Again we use the honor system. I have been a DM with 1000s of players and know when cheating is evident.

What I provide

Explained already.

What else should you know

I am not a rule junky. I however know the power of rules and their intended purpose to create fairness both between the DM and the players. I don't rail road players and i don't encourage anything that causes character issues between players. I have seen to many sessions ruined over DM's lack of leadership. I prefer players to listen when the DM speaks so that i don't have to repeat myself over and over. This allows session to go by quicker and thereby players enjoy the game more. When players talk over the DM, or each other, and or don't pay attention the game will grow stagnant. My main rule is to have fun.

Gameplay Details

Try to mix 60/40 role playing/combat. The first 4 sessions are planned to take place in a very large mid fantasy city. Between sewers and slums, to districts forbidden to players. Without initiative players will take turns adding input to what their characters will do. The DM will sometimes call out players when needed depending on situations. Team work is highly encouraged and any party conflict (theft, taunting, or fighting) is not allowed. Players can play open alignment but its highly unlikely that Chaotic Evil alignments to go far. This is not an evil campaign, but players aren't forced to play the heroes either. I am currently writing a campaign book and this story has done been told many times. Each time i run it i build upon the book and work out the bugs. Your not only telling a story with your friends, your story will help shape content for future DM's.

How Will Character Creation Work

Would like to have a session 0 where players can talk and work out what they each would like to play. Depending on the time it takes players may start the game shortly afterward. Players will start level 3. As a DM i use a honor system. No game is ever fun if you have all 20's. Learn to embrace your weakness and let those things have a special story. Stats aren't just numbers. They are sculpting tools that should help you learn who your character really is. There is not a high need to have an extensive back ground. Maybe as you play you learn who your character is and how he or she fits into the story. t

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