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Set in the forgotten realm of Angel's Grove you are a member of a band of...uh...well you're bad guys. You've fought long and hard in the service of evil deities such as Dark Spector, and have finally earned your reward....

Don't see a time that works for you?

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How to prepare

You can select a premade villain, or create one beforehand. I recommend D&D Beyond, but you may use whatever character creation method you prefer.

What I provide

I will provide sourcebook materials for character creation, premade characters for those that didn't get to make one, maps, and a ridiculous adventure.

What else should you know

Basic knowledge of Power Rangers is a plus. Also, due to this being a Level 20 game, try to familiarize yourself with your character, abilities, and spells beforehand.

Gameplay Details

Again, you're the bad guys here. You're trying to ascend to ultimate power, and you'll be given a clear quest to achieve it. Just crush whatever gets in your way. YOU'RE LEVEL 20!

How Will Character Creation Work

D&D imaginings of classic Power Rangers villians will be available, but players will be free to use whatever available resources to create their villains. If you use D&D Beyond, I can share all available sourcebook materials to expand creation options.

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