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This game is based on the 5e Tyranny of Dragons module. Content has been modified to create an experience that will feel unique even if you have run this path before. It's set in Faerûn which is part of the Forgotten Rea...

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How to prepare

We will be playing DnD 5e, be familiar with the character you have created when you come to the first session. If that sounds like a big ask, consider scheduling a private session and I can help you create a character, backstory etc. I will run you through some typical encounters and we can do a rules tutorial. I'm happy to teach a new player to play, but It's not fair to the other players for that to be on their time. The tabletop is on Roll20. The voice is on discord. Please be familiar with these systems in advance.

What I provide

I can grant you compendium access. The free subscription to Roll20 will suit your needs just fine.

What else should you know

My table is a safe space for everyone. Please add to the fabric of that culture with your conduct.

Gameplay Details

This epic saga is not for the feint of heart. The combat will require resourceful use of items, clever tactics and creative solutions. Understanding your enemy will grant you the edge you need to survive. Important NPCs will have their own voices and personalities. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter I'm going to end up making you laugh. A lot. I can't even help it. I can read my players and like to let them do whatever it is that makes them feel great. Ultimately I feel like I have won at DnD when my players are talking about the game and thinking about the story between sessions.

How Will Character Creation Work

Standard 27 point buy characters. No race or class restrictions, as long as it is from officially published material of course. Assuming you want to start the story at the beginning with Hoard of the Dragon Queen you will be level 1. Rise of Tiamat - 8. Final Stroke - 15. The game is set in Faerun. It starts in the Greenfields which isn't too far from Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast to the west. The year is 1489 DR and Elturel has not yet fallen. There are some campaign backstory events and background options which we can talk about in more detail.

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