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Ready to jump into an exciting ongoing campaign? Look no further. All our Dungeon Mastering services are all-inclusive. Miniatures, maps, books, character sheets, terrain, and dice are provided as necessary. With 30+ y...

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How to prepare

In an ongoing campaign, it's extremely helpful for players to be familiar with D&D and know the rules beforehand. Of course, there will always be one or two people who have very little experience, and that's just fine.

What I provide

I bring everything: a playing mat, miniatures (both painted and 2D printed), pencils, dice to keep, terrain, character sheets, a laptop, a speaker (so you can hear the sound of a fireball being cast), candy (for killing monsters, roleplaying, and being funny), and everything else necessary.

What else should you know

All I ask is that they put their phones away and have a good time with their friends.

Gameplay Details

I will connect with my primary point of contact to get the players setup on my web-based campaign tracking system. From there we'll be able to schedule sessions well in advance and track your group progress. We will also create characters prior to the first session. If you'd prefer to do a quick 2-hour "session zero" to create characters and lay down some base story, I'm happy to do that as well for no charge. In the first session we jump right into story, hooking all players in right away. In ongoing campaigns, you might expect to do some complex planning, but I try to keep that to a minimum so we can get to what's fun. All new players get a free set of dice to keep! Oh, and I give out candy for killing monsters and making jokes. :)

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