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Dungeons & Dragons! The tabletop role-playing that started it all! If you've never tried it before, now's the time to do so and get in on the fun millions of new players are having every day. This adventure - from S...

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How to prepare

Players must create a account so they may join the game. They should also have a working microphone. A webcam will also add to the experience, but is not totally necessary.

What I provide

All materials will be provided - maps, characters sheets, and music will be implemented beforehand via the Roll20 platform.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

Players will be uncovering clues, interrogating suspicious individuals, exploring a small town and the surrounding woods, and fighting bandits! This adventure includes all the classic elements of Dungeons & Dragons, and will give the PCs the full RPG experience.

How Will Character Creation Work

Pre-generated characters for all the different classes will be provided, and players may choose the most appealing to them at the start of the session.

Players can expect







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