Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Missions Beyond the Vaasan Wall

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds

For centuries, the cinnabar dwarves of the Vaasan steppes have controlled the cinnabar mines of the Rift Valley and their forges have produced the precious cinnabryl powder needed to craft powerful magic items. This has ...

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How to prepare

This campaign is intended for intermediate level players. Not experts or masters, but players that have the basics down for both Fantasy Grounds and D&D5e. Everyone can learn along the way, but coming into the game you should be able to get around 5e rules and FG software. The Fantasy Grounds campaign is run on an Ultimate license, so players can participate using the free demo Fantasy Grounds Unity software, which can be downloaded from after creating an account. Everyone needs to have a Discord account and have the software properly running. A good mic and headset should be used with Discord and it should be tested in advance. Discord will use the press-to-talk feature to prevent background noises. Players should also be away from disturbances such as loud tv, music or conversations.

What I provide

I provide access to all needed books and resources through Fantasy Grounds. I also provide syrinscape audio effects for the game. To listen to these soundscapes during the game you need to install the Syrinscape Online Player app on your system. ( I also try to provide as many digital graphics as possible during a game.

What else should you know

The intent of this "one-shot campaign" is to provide a mission based storyline that can be followed along by players who participate often and that can easily be joined by new players. Each game session should complete a full mission but some missions will be completed over several sessions. We will develop this as we go. Above all, this is about entertainment and having fun. It is meant to be a good time for all, so please be civil and respectful to everyone and leave behind all the toxic worries of the real world as we game together.

Gameplay Details

Game sessions will send a party of heroes on tactical missions of discovery into a hostile land. The campaign will use several rule variants from the DMG, including fumbles, massive damage system shock, slow natural healing, and encumbrance. The lands of Vaasa are harsh and gritty and missions there can be challenging. Clever thinking and tactical awareness will be necessary to prevail.

How Will Character Creation Work

A selection of pre generated characters will be available to players in the Fantasy Grounds campaign. Characters will start at 5th level and the characters of regular players will progress in levels as the storyline progresses. The level of the pregenerated characters for selection by new players will also scale up as the story progresses. I will make the Fantasy Ground Unity campaign available to any player that joins and they can select their character of choice then. If you send me an image of your character I will turn the image into your character's portrait. I will have a private Discord channel available for all players so the group can communicate and upload files and images as needed.

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