Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Lost Mine of Phandelver - Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons for New and Introductory Players!

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Have you always wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons, but never knew anyone else who was interested? Have you tried previous editions, but the GM moved, or the group ghosted? LOOK NO FURTHER! In this adventure you will ...

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How to prepare

Players should familiarize themselves with the basic rules of D&D 5e which are available for free via the dndbeyond website. Players should also create a free Roll20 account before hand and ideally familiarize themselves with the basics tutorial available on the website. The GM will invite them to the game no later than 15 minutes before the session start time. Roll20 does have a built in video/audio chat system. Players can also think about what sort of character they might like to play, or alternately, which of the pre-made characters they would be interested in playing. This adventure features 5 pre-made characters a player might choose to use: 2 human fighters, with different backgrounds and goals, front line warriors made to take and deal damage in physical combat. 1 Elf Wizard, a user of arcane mage, who has studied hard for their magic. Physically weak but very powerful. 1 Halfling Rogue, a small nimble thief. Sneaky, clever, and deadly. 1 Dwarf Cleric, a warrior priest, wielding both physical weapons and divine spells, most notably healing magics.

What I provide

The GM will provide guidance and answers as we play. And provide the players with a .PNG token of their character that they can take and use in other VTT games if they desire.

What else should you know

Since this will be a learning game, it will be important than everyone be patient and open, as well as kind and courteous to their fellow players.

Gameplay Details

As this is a beginner's game, we will take the time to make sure players understand the focused mechanics, as well as the near infinite options open to you as characters in the game. The players will be welcomed into the game, and be encouraged to ask questions, and most importantly, have fun! The hope is that as we progress each week, players will get more comfortable, and gain confidence in their abilities both as players and as characters. We will Start with a "Session 0" which we will use to select/build characters, go over the most common rules, and learn how to use the Virtual Table Top (VTT), Roll 20.

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