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Vlaakith CLVII, the reigning sovereign of the githyanki race, is the legitimate descendant of the original Vlaakith, and her word is law. Unlike her predecessors, however, Vlaakith is a lich, has no heirs, and in her und...

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How to prepare

Please bring character sheets made, if not I can provide a sheet for you. The only software necessary is Discord, and you'll need a free Roll20 account. Please join the Discord server here:

What I provide

I'll bring all of the bells & whistles, smoke & pyrotechnics, and plenty of jazz.

What else should you know

Looking forward to rolling math rocks with you all! Be sure to follow me on twitch and twitter if you haven't already:

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How Will Character Creation Work

Please come with a 15th level character made before the session. If you have questions on character creation, please reach out and we'll figure it out! All house rules on characters available in the discord server.

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