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A basic one shot for players looking to get into Dungeons and Dragons 5e. This game will help walk new players through some low-level combat, nice RP encounters, and introduce them to game basics like. We will go over na...

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How to prepare

Please have accounts set up on and be able to access Roll20, Zoom, and DnDBeyond. If you are rolling digitally I would highly recommend installing Beyond20, it's an extension for most browsers and will allow you to roll dice on your DnDBeyond character sheet in Roll20 seamlessly! This really is a lifesaver for digital dice rolls.

What I provide

I will bring the game, tokens, and VTT maps!

What else should you know

If you have any issues connecting with the links for the campaign or Roll20 please reach out to me!

Gameplay Details

This one shot is a cute, 1.5 to 2 hour adventure that will teach you the basics on how to look over your character sheet, get into role playing, the basics of 5e combat, and how to interact with the world around you in game. The Spooky Toad adventure is built for characters at level 3 and will involve: combat, puzzles, and role play.

How Will Character Creation Work

I will provide you with pre-made characters of level 3. At the beginning of the session you will get to pick which character you would like to play.

Players can expect







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