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If you've never played Dungeons & Dragons before, you can learn to play in the comfort of your own space, with a DM well-versed in teaching the game. All our Dungeon Mastering services are all-inclusive. Miniatures, map...

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How to prepare

While it's always helpful for players to know a little bit about D&D before playing, they really don't need anything. I provide easy-to-use, pre-made characters if they don't want to make their own.

What I provide

I bring everything: a playing mat, miniatures (both painted and 2D printed), pencils, dice to keep, terrain, character sheets, a laptop, a speaker (so you can hear the sound of a fireball being cast), candy (for killing monsters, roleplaying, and being funny), and everything else necessary.

What else should you know

All I ask is that they put their phones away and have a good time with their friends.

Gameplay Details

Most one-shots require about a half hour of explaining the rules, getting used to your characters, and learning how to roll dice. All new players get a free set of dice to keep! We jump right into a light-hearted story with a little roleplay, a little exploration, and a little combat that's fun for everyone. Only in ongoing campaigns would we elect to do complex planning or deeper stories. The goal is to get the whole live D&D experience you hear about online, without lots of prep time and in a 4 to 5 hour block. Possibly with snacks. Oh, and I give out candy for killing monsters and making jokes. :)

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