Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Job 1 - The Blade of Monkovi [Part one of 'Sharn Aboil' series]

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Set in the world of Eberron, they players will be sucked into a vivid world that is an amalgamation of fantasy, dark, pulp adventure, film noir, and gaspunk into a new setting introduced at its inception: Dungeonpunk! Th...

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How to prepare

The more you can learn about the setting, Eberron, the better you will be, but this game also serves as an introduction to the feeling and vibe of the setting! Looking up Sword and sorcery, pulp action, dungeon punk, and film noir media will also help to get into the mood of the game. Think Conan the Barbarian, Johnny Quest, H.P. Lovecraft, Robots, Van Helsing, and D&D were mashed together, and you have an idea of what the setting is like.

What I provide

Will be handling most of what I can on Roll20's end, but will mainly be used to simulate a tabletop and dice rolls, so a depth of needing to understand the system is not a requirement.

What else should you know

I'm an experienced DM wishing to share something I've been working on for 2 years with a handful of players before publishing the adventure. With everyone who plays, will cite as special thanks in the adventure, and will do what I can to send copies of the PDF to those who have played in my play test! Outlines and constructive critiques are more than welcome to help refine the product to be the best it can be!

Gameplay Details

Session boils down to; recap, planning, exploration, interacting with set pieces, (usually combat), than resolution of interaction, try to end on clifhangers

How Will Character Creation Work

We will sit down, explain the game and setting, and have a discussion if players have an inkling for a certain way of character creation. If no one has a preference, I will offer everyone to use Point Buy to create 1st level characters, utilizing a handful of approved books. - PHB, E:RotLW, XGtE If there is material outside of the preselected material, ask! I can look it over, and give a thumbs up or down on if it will be allowed, (fairly flexible). All i ask is to read the group, and bring your optimization to balance the rest of the group for the most fun to be had!

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