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You are sent out into the countryside with a cry for help from one of the leader of the nearby town. They have a problem, and you are the solution! In Dungeons & Dragons, you and your companions are in a town called Pha...

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How to prepare

Please have Fantasy Grounds Classic Demo downloaded prior to getting into the game. If you have a physical or PDF of the rule books, you may go ahead and look up the rules of the game, however reading up on the adventure will be a no go and the contract will be terminated upon learning you have been farming by looking at the module.

What I provide

Players will get custom made maps of the adventure and story telling of intermediate to advanced storytelling. If the party wishes to take a copy of the maps home via PDF, a private message between GM/DM will need to be discussed.

What else should you know

Players will need to have their wits about them as I work on my feet and will provide a fun and interesting atmosphere with interesting mechanics for the weapons and civilizations you will be able to meet. Players will also need to have an open mind about solving a problem; swinging a sword is one way to answering a problem, however have you tried to talk to the people to buy your weapons?

Gameplay Details

Roleplaying is a must, from thoughts and feelings of your character to combat which will happen. Exploration will happen, so pack a lunch as you might be sharing it with a stranger on the road or eating it after a dangerous encounter of monsters which roam the countryside! I don't like rolling the dice to seeing if the random encounter happens and would rather have you roleplay the situation and then roll the dice to see if it panned out. Combat will revolve around the rules governing them as well as Exploration Rules for either system.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will happen during session zero and will not impact your first session. At the beginning of your first session, you will be level 1 and will learn and grow with your character to see what they will evolve into. If you want to build a character before the session begins, send me a copy of the character concept, background information including, minimum, a 1 page summary of your character's backstory which is single spaced, Times New Roman and at 9 font. Players will need to bring their own character profile. If the players don't want to pay for one or are waiting for one to come in from an artist, they will be provided with a template until one is found. A talk between GM/DM will need to happen to craft something if your character cannot be found before the session begins.

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