Dungeons & Dragons 5e | In the Eye of a Hurricane: A Drop -in Eberron Campaign for DND 5e

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds, Zoom

This is a drop in style campaign set in my personal favorite setting for Dnd 5e, Eberron. I will be setting up custom sessions within this campaign depending on the group's preferences for level, style, and themes. Eb...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

I use fantasy grounds unity for my games, to allow players to see and interact with the maps and encounters. players only need to download the free version. I also use zoom for communication, again, player's will only need the free version.

What I provide

Pro accounts to Fantasy Grounds unity and Zoom allow players to join at no additional software costs. I will be creating maps as necessary for sessions.

What else should you know

Depending on the style of play and desires of the players, I may need an additional day or two to set up a requested game. I recommend requesting the game three days in advance, to maximize the time I have to make the session excellent.

Gameplay Details

Because I tailor each session to the desires of the player group, each session will be different. However, based on my DM style, players can be sure there will be plenty of role play involved in all sessions. Character level, themes, locations, and style of play will be determined before each session. Level of combat, puzzles, and game mechanics will depend on the style chosen. For instance, a game based on exploring the Mournland looking for treasure will often have more combat than a group on assignment for an espionage agency like the King's Dark Lanterns, but the second example may have more tactical encounters for experienced players. This is also a great campaign setting for unique group makeups! Always wanted to try an "all Bugbears" campaign? Want to see what happens when everyone plays Wild Magic Sorcerers? Maybe you'd like to test your skills using your broken warlock/barbarian build to fight a fiendish overlord! Anything goes, in Eberron.

How Will Character Creation Work

Each session, the players and I will discuss what kind of adventure the players are looking for. We will discuss group makeup, and choose an appropriate level. Character level will often be between 5 and 15, though experienced players may also wish to request epic level games. Players will be expected to create their characters up to that level before the session, but they are also encouraged to work with the Dm to create backstories for their characters, especially if they plan to make them recurring characters. Any class and race available in the Player's Handbook and Eberron: Rising from the Last War are fair game, and I will also allow races from Volo's Guide. Mordenkainen's muddies the water a bit, but if you can make a convincing argument as to why (for example) a Githyanki has suddenly appeared in Eberron, I'll allow it. Subclasses from supplemental books like Xanathar's are also permitted.

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