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Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a horror based setting for D&D 5e involving existential dread, murder, ghosts, alien creatures, long lost civilizations and playful elemental sprite creatures! Oh my! The adventur...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will need a free D&D Beyond Account in order to create their character. They will also need a computer, microphone and stable internet connection. Discord is a must so please also have discord installed with a username created. To avoid delays, please make sure your microphone is working with discord prior to the start of a session. Be prepared to do a little bit of acting, both silly and serious, and get ready to have some fun! If you are new to D&D that is totally ok, you can learn as you go and I can provide you assistance as we play. If you want to invest in a players handbook to read up on D&D stuff feel free! And if you have any questions outside of session I am always available to answer ^_^

What I provide

We will be using 3D dice on foundry through a special module called "dice so nice!" that lets you customize your very own 3D dice! Through Foundry VTT I will have all character sheets updated with your class, levels, spells, abilities, appearance, etc. I will also have a map of the region the game takes place in for you all to download and have available. It will also be present in the session for you to view on foundry. Players may either provide their own art for their character or leave it up to me to select something appropriate. I have a large catalogue we can use to chose something that fits your character's personality and abilities.

What else should you know

I am a white queer man. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and a supporter of and believer in Black Lives Matter. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, islamophobia etc wont be tolerated at my table. My aim is to make as welcoming a space as possible and that means no to hate and bigotry. Also, If a player has any questions or concerns regarding my behavior or the behavior of another player my dms are open.

Gameplay Details

Rime of the Frostmaiden is a pretty even tempered adventure boasting a robust list of exploration, social and battle encounters. The game opens in Ten Towns, each with their own respective mini quests. Once players have chosen their starting town they will learn of the culture of their respective town and what sort of pitfalls or taboo may be present there. Auril the Frostmaiden's influence over icewind dale has many of the ten towns' folk afraid of drawing her ire, worshiping her mostly out of fear. It will be up to the players to determine which cultural/religious practices of the towns to uphold and which to circumvent (at their own peril). Traversal in Icewind dale is hazardous as temperatures can get well below subzero temperatures. Players must utilize their resources both magical and practical to overcome the terrain itself. Heavy winter clothing, dogsleds, snow shoes, crampons and rations will be important resources for each character's survival. A basic session of this adventure will have the players exploring a town, conversing with various NPC's and picking up that town's quest to make a bit of money. The players will then do some exploration in order to hunt down a monster, solve a mystery or stop some villain. These questlines typically have 2-3 combat encounters (1 being a boss or mini boss) with some others having social encounters involving roleplay to solve. Many of the quests involve sections where creative use of terrain can circumvent certain obstacles, encouraging player ingenuity. Once players have done enough of these to earn some renown in ten towns, they will be approached by various figures for quests that progress the main story. Between sessions (or whenever players are in a town) they can undertake different side tasks with their character as "down time" between adventuring. For instance bards could attempt to make money playing for crowds. A ranger could hunt wild game for rations, pelts and coin. A barbarian or fighter may make some money in a fighting pit. A wizard may spend an evening enchanting or learning a new language Etc. These activities add an extra level of flavor to adventuring and the world while also giving players a means of learning new proficiencies and saving up for that coveted dogsled. Once players have completed enough missions within ten towns they will also have picked up several hooks for quests further into the wastes of icewind dale. Naturally transitioning them into the greater expanse of questlines in the wilderness!

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 1 and quickly become level 2 within 1-2 sessions depending on where we leave off. They will be created on the D&D Beyond website with a link I will provide. This link will give you access to all my unlocked character creation content as well as a nifty interface that makes character creation a breeze. I will be present for character creation to offer advice and to bounce ideas off of. I will also utilize a better point buy homebrew and a racial stat homebrew that makes getting the character you want a little easier.

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