Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Zoom

This game is designed for those 18+ Casual but serious players are wanted. Role playing is always encouraged and will earn players inspiration based on how well they "play their character." Players may choose to come equ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Each player will need a smart device that they can view their character sheet as well as a monitor to see the shared Zoom screen. A headset is recommended but not required. Players may utilize their own rolls if they choose. Physical dice will require a webcam; digital dice will require a screen share for verification.

What I provide

Maps, Dice, Stories, Tokens, and great times!

What else should you know

Please be polite and respectful to other players and GM. Rudeness will not be tolerated, constructive criticism will be.

Gameplay Details

Beginning: Each player will receive an invite for Zoom to see the visual screen and audio. There will be a secondary google hangout invite for text communication. Second: Rolling characters --> Each Player will roll a new character, choosing from Player Handbook Classes and Races. Once the character sheet is created, it will need to be uploaded to the shared Google Drive (a link will be provided at session 0) Characters will select from a handful of "Backgrounds" to determine why their characters are joining the team. Third: Players will begin the journey together and will dictate where and what their characters are doing. Quests and tasks will be laid upon the party. Fourth: At the end of the session, rewards will be delegated based on performance and quantity of tasks completed/monsters slain. *While interacting with NPC's and other party members, role-playing is heavily suggested but not required.

How Will Character Creation Work

Either a player can come with a pre-built character (which would need to be shared via email to the GM); or we can walk through the process as a group. Regardless, all players will receive access to a shared Google Drive folder to upload their character.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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