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Designed as a learning supplement players will learn real world facts in subjects such as physical science, mathematics, English composition, and concepts like team work, the scientific method, and more. Play based lea...

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How to prepare

Ensure the student has access to the a computer and has a headset or some sort of microphone and headphones or speakers. A webcam is optional.

What I provide

20 years of experiences and a life long love of learning.

What else should you know

Parents are welcome to sit in on sessions but as an observer please remember the student is the player in this adventure. Option are available for parents the wish to adventure with their student/s.

Gameplay Details

Students are presented with challenges and options for solving them. When students encounter items, plot devices or relevant information . The students learn the way those things work in the world. For example if examine a water mill the action of the water wheel and how it power the mill is true to life and a discussion of when, where and why they are used. The goal is to teach students about subjects and information in an engaging way that's fun to experience not a chore.

How Will Character Creation Work

Students will pick a class from a list of existing options and customize them the type of creature and their appearance.

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