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Where everybody knows your name...and you might cast sacred flame... Welcome to The Chipped Chalice, a warm and friendly tavern where the only things that move faster than a rogue's fingers are the scraps of parchment o...

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How to prepare

You'll need a Discord account and a microphone. You might enjoy using a webcam, but video is optional. I will use Discord for dice rolling and sharing static maps and images. Let's not allow the IT to get in the way of the game! Again--the idea here is quick and light--so you must have a completed character sheet or be willing to grab and go with a pre-generated character that I will provide.

What I provide

I'll bring the (virtual) drinks! Cheers!

What else should you know

This is a quick game. I hope it will be an easy way to enjoy some D&D with minimum prep on your part. You'll have free rein to pursue the day's objective in any way you'd like to try, but please bring a character who is ready and willing to take the next job on the board, join the other three or four adventurers who are at hand, and run with it.

Gameplay Details

The jobs will vary from week to week, but there will always be a little exploration of Port Nyanzaru or the jungle beyond, some combat, and challenges to keep it spicy. This is designed to be quick and light for the players--so there will be some larger story elements that will unfold but you won't miss anything if you drop by. This is not designed as a campaign. I hope that you'll take your characters on other adventures once they've earned the coin or developed a taste for more deadly prey!

How Will Character Creation Work

Bring a Level 3 character built with the rules in the Player's Hand Book or PHB+Xanathar's Guide to Everything. They can have one common magic item. If you wish, I'll have pre-generated characters for the full grab-n-go experience.

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