Dungeons & Dragons 5e | GenCon Spring Showcase: A Wild Sheep Chase - a D&D 5E One Shot for Level 5 Characters

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This is a safe space for all types of players, so gather your family/friends and let's play D&D! You've just finished a taxing adventure with your comrades and have settled down for a nice, uneventful meal in the local ...

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How to prepare

Players will need an account (free or paid, but free is sufficient) on: for maps, - (optional) with a D&D 5e character built to specifications below, - (only for DnDBeyond users) the Beyond20 extension so the character sheet will communicate with Roll20, -Zoom with video/audio capabilities, and -Discord, to communicate with the other players and the GMs before and after the session. Basic knowledge of D&D 5e and your character's abilities and features is highly recommended for optimized play time.

What I provide

I will bring your adventure to life and help you have a great time fighting monsters!

What else should you know

If you have further questions, feel free to contact your DM directly, otherwise, let's START PLAYING GAMES!

Gameplay Details

This adventure will take place in/near a village , so you shouldn't expect your character to have to "hoof" it around the countryside. When creating or importing your character, please be sure to arrive ready to play at level 5. (See "character creation" for more info.) Katie's table strives to be inclusive of all types of players and everyone is expected to keep their "Plays Well With Others" badge on at all times. ;-) The number one goal is to have fun creating and interacting with a fantastical collaborative story! Players should work together, not against each other, and be prepared to share the spotlight. Communication is key for safety tools: lines and veils can be submitted prior to and during play time. (for reference:

How Will Character Creation Work

Players will need to choose from one of the pre-built characters available OR create their own characters and import/export them to the game in Roll20. We will be playing at level 5, so plan to be leveled up before we begin. If assistance is needed, contact the DM directly. DnDBeyond can be used, as long as you have enabled the Beyond20 extension, which will send your rolls to our game in Roll20. DM table rules for character creation: each player starts with 750gp (there can be an opportunity to shop at the beginning if needed), 1 healing potion, and when rolling for HP at each level, I allow you to accept the average HP if you happen to roll LESS than the average (more HP means you might live a little longer if I don't pull my punches). ;-) Characters can choose one common or uncommon magical item OR one +1 weapon. See this link for a list:

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