Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Friendly Sasquatch: Into The Humblewood

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A journey through the Humblewood, taking players from level 1 - 5 and beyond, where players race to save the wood from fire and chaos alike! With an elemental imbalance altering the ecology of the Wood, homes have been b...

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How to prepare

Players are responsible for creating their characters; the first session will be dedicated partially to this, unless all players have made their characters already and all have been approved. You should also make sure you have a Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 account and a Discord account. We'll use Fantasy Grounds or roll20 for combat and discord for conversation and role-playing.

What I provide

I'll be providing maps and handouts relevant to the adventure, as well as providing general chaos to keep you on your toes.

What else should you know

I do not tolerate hateful speech or discrimination at my tables. While this is sometimes a story element of campaigns, it is not something I allow at the table between players; everyone has a right to feel safe and accepted in the gaming community.

Gameplay Details

You do NOT require a copy of Humblewood to join, as a copy of the relevant areas of the book can be provided to players via pdf under the agreement that they do not redistribute the material. Gameplay follows normal 5e rules with some homebrew to enhance the player experience as you explore the wood, help people, and (hopefully) save the day.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players can create characters during the first session, or prior to that if they contact me after joining the game. Characters do not need to be natives to Humblewood (though it is preferred), so any official source for D&D 5e is acceptable for character creation, and a pdf containing race and subclass information for Humblewood can be provided on request. Characters are subject to GM approval for balancing purposes.

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