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This campaign isn't for the faint of heart! Curse of Strahd is an adventure module written and designed by Wizards of the Coast for the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition tabletop roleplaying game. Inside includes all of ...

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How to prepare

Be familiar with how D&D works. I have plenty of experience playing Roll20 and 5e, I can teach you macros as well as how to use and fill-in your digital character sheets. Internet connection, audio-enabled device, Discord, and an internet browser (Firefox or Chrome) No software required.

What I provide

Music, voices, foley work sounds and an extensive career in running RP-centric games.

What else should you know

This is an online game hosted on Roll20 with voice done over Discord.

Gameplay Details

I will be allowing all expansions as well as most UA. Homebrew is allowed if it is thoughtful and balanced!

How Will Character Creation Work

Sessions 0 will allow generation of fresh characters. Starting level is up to the players. The setting is Barovia but characters can be from anywhere. Come prepared with a character idea.

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