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This game is for players who enjoy flavouring spells and attacks, we build our character the same as if they are adults but will flavour actions in a childlike manner. For example: Barbarian rage = Tantrum. If you enjo...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Join the roll20 and discord server for more info.

What I provide

Roll20 link, discord link and maps.

What else should you know

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions!

Gameplay Details

It will be 5e D&D, level 3 characters (Your hero will of been a higher level but after being turned into a kid they level down while in this form). There will be combat BUT not to the death, HP will be more their ability to keep going, once at 0 HP a monster will run off crying, no killing of little ones. Role play heavy game so be prepared to chat amongst other players and NPC's!

How Will Character Creation Work

Create beforehand, but feel free to reach out if you want or need help flavouring. (Level 3)

Players can expect







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