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Accompanying a caravan through a wintery mountain pass on the way into the Icewind Dale, local heroes find that their travel is severely impeded by a gathering snowstorm. Hope of making it to the next waypoint is lost, b...

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How to prepare

Players should come prepared with a character, understand the basic mechanics of D&D 5e, and have already joined the Roll20 campaign space and generally be familiar with Roll20 and/or DnDBeyond to execute efficient play. That said, the GM is happy to provide some pointers or trouble-shoot within the first couple minutes as everyone is getting settled.

What I provide

All content will be provided through Roll20, including four custom, high-definition maps.

What else should you know

The game is 18+, but we are all here to have fun. All players have a place at my table, and intolerance, racism, and sexism will not be allowed. Many of my games may have horror components, but there will be no trigger content. The players should feel free to whisper to the GM using the chat function to let me know if they'd prefer to any other content be skipped over.

Gameplay Details

The game will use DnD 5e, rules-as-written, for consistency. Across four different settings (battle maps), players will have plenty of opportunity for exploration, a handful of seeded social encounters with the three robust NPCs, and two to three different combat encounters. Characters level 1 - 6 are suitable, and as the game coalesces, we'll make sure it's a balanced party all within a level or two of each other. Combats and skill-challenge difficulties will be scaled, appropriately.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players should come prepared with characters developed ahead of time, though modifications may take place in the first few minutes if any adjustments are needed. It's recommended that players utilize Roll20 or DnDBeyond (with Beyond20 extension) to facilitate efficient rolling and damage calculations. This will be benefit everyone in allowing a higher degree of engagement.

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