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Long ago there was a war between the dragons and the humanoid races from here on to be referred to as the humans. No one remembers how it started not even the dragons, but it nearly drove the dragons to extinction. Lucki...

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How to prepare

First I will need you to create a discord account if you haven't got one already. Then I'll need you to join this server From there we will be able to discuss everything from scheduling to running the game. I can help you to create characters if you need the help, also refine some of the finer points of what your characters can have such powerful magic items if you want to start at a higher level, or we're doing a one shot.

What I provide

I've got physical rulebooks right here next to me plus an iPad full of PDFs of other books. most of the rules are downloaded in my head anyway.

What else should you know

I'll allow you to do whatever you want in the game. However I will not protect you from consequences of your actions. For example, I'll only allow you to try something that is not physically possible with any results that may follow including possible character death, or if you decide to murder an entire village, be prepared to see repercussions latter in the game.

Gameplay Details

I set both combat and roleplay high, but that is mainly to reflect potential. What you focus on will be what you get more of.

How Will Character Creation Work

I will want to work with each person individually in between the first two session to help you create your characters.

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