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A fun campaign for your first timers or seasoned veterans. This module has a great mix of combat, exploration and role playing. The three biggest focuses for my games are roleplaying, combat and FUN. Knowing when to brin...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

A serviceable device for Roll20 is needed. Mic is a must and preferably a camera. I will have my video on the whole time and encourage players to as well. A basic understanding of rules (What can i do in a turn, initiative, class features) is recommended, but not a must. Just know that the less you learn before the session, the more of the session becomes learning as opposed to playing. Also, Zoom as that is what I use for video and chat.

What I provide

With a provided picture, or I can get one myself, I will make custom tokens for all of the player characters

What else should you know

This game is all inclusive, no discriminating!!!

Gameplay Details

PC's are encouraged to speak as their characters (even if you can't do a professional level voice, instead of saying "my character would say this" just try saying it!) as Role Play is one of the best aspects of D&D and the more you get into it, the more fun you are guaranteed to have. Combat follows RaW for the most part (BA for potion on self, A to use it on downed member) and love when players get into their characters mind set and describe what they do. Meta gaming needs to be kept as minimal as possible. Just because you know of a mobs immunities, doesn't mean your Character does. (though you could always ask if your character knows any more!) Please don't ask for "checks". The game is supposed to be role-played. Tell me what your character does, and then you are given the check to roll. Think of ways to ask for knowledge or actions without asking for checks! Saying you want to intimidate the shop keeper, how does your character intimidate them? Can I make a Nature check to see what I know, can be asked, does my character know anything about these beasts before them? I want to make a Perception check in the room, leads to general findings with high DCs for hidden things like secret doors, where specifying where or how your character searches can make things hidden found without even needing a check!

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation can be done before the first session, where we will all come together an hour before it starts, and it will run an extra hour (at no additional charge). Please just have whatever backstory you want figured out, and I can help you breeze through the character creation process on roll20

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