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The Adventure Begins The adventure begins in the mining town of Phandalin. There, the characters receive quests and can choose which ones to pursue. Adventure Background Driven from lands farther north by more powerful ...

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How to prepare

You need a computer or Laptop for the most part to get the full experience of Roll20 we will be using Dynamic lighting. a good internet connection will be great although there are still hiccups with technology from time to time. You will also need a Mic of some sort, headphones or speakers as well as a Discord and Roll20 account.

What I provide

*Nearly 40 years of Gaming experience, with 35+ years of DM experience. *Roll20 Pro account with PHB, Xanathar's, Tasha's, VGtM, MToF, Monster Manual, along with all kinds of assets. *DM's main discord server or private dedicated discord server. * 100's of books worth of D&D related content, With some access to nearly anything printed. *Custom made Tokens for player characters. *Custom Made Mini's for each player (1 per player). *Original engaging ambient sounds and music to lend to immersion. *Custom maps and art when needed

What else should you know

All gaming is done online.

Gameplay Details

1. How much role play is involved? Are players always in character and will make sub-optimal decisions for the sake of staying in character? Or will players not be expected to talk in character at all? That depends on you as a group while I may at times speak in different voices or affect accents, and you are welcome to but not expected to. Good role-playing is likely to be rewarded in the form of experience and treasure but terrible role-playing can actually add a little levity here and there. I will try to discuss with you what kind of Campaign you would like before getting too far into it. 2. How much combat is involved? I'd say about 50/50 combat to role-playing. Combat will sometimes be avoidable through role-playing but not always. 3. Will players need to count hexes and optimize damage output? Or are combat actions the same mechanic as convincing an NPC? You will likely need to count squares on a grid for movement. You will definitely have a chance for players who decide not to min/max and if you do decide to min/max I'd still like to challenge you as a player so I will attempt to do so. 4. How much puzzling happens? Are there riddles and a logic puzzle in one session? Or are there no puzzles? There aren't too many puzzle mechanics in this first part of the campaign as the campaign moves on I may add or remove some depending on player experience. 5. What experience level is necessary? From Beginner to Expert. 6. Will the first hour of the session be devoted to explaining the game? You will start at first level by creating characters and getting game explanations in a free session zero.

How Will Character Creation Work

In the free Zero session we will discuss some house rules, game mechanics, and general expectations as well as learn some of the features of Roll20 that people may not know. We will also do character creation for first level characters. This section of the campaign goes to 7th level and will be played over several sessions. There are other subsequent parts of the campaign that go from 9th-11th and then from 11th-13th

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