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The time of dragons is at an end; chromatic, metallic, It matters not! None can be trusted, and so it is our duty, our divine mandate, to rid the world of the greedy and conniving snakes that have dominated it for so lon...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Roll20 and discord accounts are required. (free accounts are perfect)

What I provide

Any digital materials needed.

What else should you know

Patience will be required in case of technical difficulties or network problems. Please apply a few days in advance as this will attract more players!

Gameplay Details

Each session will be a self contained adventure, players will be given bounties on dragons and dragon-kin as well as special missions to investigate locations or secure objects of interest. Start at the Griffon's Den mead house where adventurers can collect bounties, and meet contacts then embark to a location where the mission is to be completed. Every session will contain some exploring, some RP, and some combat for a complete and balanced game experience.

How Will Character Creation Work

Bring your own character (any level)* or schedule a character creation session with me. Premade characters will also be available! *(level adjustments might have to be made if multiple players bring characters of different levels)

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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