Dungeons & Dragons 4e | Descent into Avernus - Baldur's Gate to the Nine Hells

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Where in the Nine Hells is Elturel? A holy city has gone missing, causing a swarm of refugees to find salvation in Baldur's Gate. The Flaming Fists, a mercenary organization and presumptive police in Baldur's Gate, are s...

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How to prepare

Please create a Level 1 character using 5e rules. Races permitted: Player's Handbook and Volo's Guide options. Classes: Player's Handbook with options from Xanathar's Guide available Backgrounds: Player's Handbook and any published options allowed (Descent into Avernus, Curse of Strahd, Tomb of Annihilation preferred).

What I provide

I will present maps for larger locations and guidance for smaller dungeons.

What else should you know

This will remain a virtual game until further notice. When it becomes safe again to meet in public spaces, I can make sessions available within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gameplay Details

This game will lean heavily towards dungeon exploration and combat with room for conversational role-playing and puzzle solving.

How Will Character Creation Work

Depending on where in the campaign you would like to join in, characters can begin at a wide range of levels. However, if you would like to start at the very beginning, please prepare a Lv 1 Character using the Player's Handbook. Characters using features from Xanathar's or Volo's Guide are welcome with advance notice to the DM. Pre-generated characters can be available upon request for an additional fee.

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