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One shots are exactly what the name describes a story designed to be played in one session start to finish. Characters might start anywhere between level 1 and level 20. Covering terrain from the local forest to the di...

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How to prepare

Create a account and character on D&D Beyond if they do not have one, create a free account on, and have a headset and microphone for chat.

What I provide

Paid accounts on for dynamic lighting, custom scripts, and premium content. A masters subscription to with access to the complete library of adventures and source books. A love of storytelling and teaching. a positive attitude and I also bring THE FUN!

What else should you know

I do not allow discussion of real world politics, violence or hate speech, this applies in game to racism and speciesism in game. And no fighting(combat) among the party, it is not what your character would do.

Gameplay Details

Most adventures are designed to guide the characters through a story in as little as 1-2 hours or up to 4-5 depending on adventure chosen. Much like a TV shoe the major plot is completed within the time slot with a over arching storytelling that can tie together multiple adventures. More of the focus is on the DM presenting story points and characters overcoming or defeating them. More combat, and puzzles with less roleplay over all.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players will come to the adventure with a character, or arrive 15 minutes early to create one using standard array or point buy. Players are encouraged to use D&D beyond a link can be provided I have all material unlocked and I am able to share it with players.

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