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This listing is for a custom-built Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition session, open to new and experienced players. The *big* details (like theme/story, characters, schedule, length, communication platform, etc.) will need t...

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How to prepare

Players will need an account (free or paid) on, access to the internet, and some form of audio/video broadcasting capabilities (discord preferred, but zoom and google hangouts are also available). Communication with Katie at least 1-2 weeks before the session is imperative, as she will need time to prepare and discuss your options in regards to customization.

What I provide

D&D Rules, a custom storyline, assistance with building or selecting characters, and virtual maps/tokens to enhance the experience.

What else should you know

The goal of the session(s) is to have fun creating an exciting shared experience through role playing!

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Please contact Katie directly to determine what is best for you/your group in regards to character creation.

Players can expect







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Open To All

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