Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Curse of Strahd (B&G Premium Edition version)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Zoom

We will experience the thrills of the epic story “Curse of Strahd” using the Beadles & Grimms premium set. This set features neat extras, including: bonus missions, custom art, props (shared via cam), and AL certs if pl...

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How to prepare

Players should download all applicable software and have accounts for Roll20 and Zoom, While players don’t need to have extensive knowledge of the game, it helps to be somewhat familiar with Roll20 and Zoom, as well as with safety tools.

What I provide

I will provide the materials for the game online. I can mail post-game certifications to players (particularly for future AL games).

What else should you know

Be prepared to have a good time.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay is largely dictated by players. Aspects such as social and exploration play cab be expanded or contracted as players desire. Combat is ran in a deadly style with opponents that care to survive. Cunning and negotiation, when utilized, will be helpful. The total number of sessions are set by the pacing the group decides and feel comfortable with. I will not rush players through any content they wish to deeply explore. I can run this game in a standard or AL-legal style, as players desire.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will be standard point buy, using sources published by Wizards of the Coast for 5e. We will create these characters together, with prompts popular in other games such as FATE. If the group decides for AL-legal play, additional rules may apply to character creation.

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